Calculate the CO2 levy

Which vehicle values must I take into account?

The CO2 levy is calculated on the basis of the COC (Certificate of Conformity) calculated.
The manufacturer document shows exact values about your vehicle.
No COC available? Search for details in the ADAC car database.
No COC available? Order COC online now.

Unladen weight

Under item 13.2 “Actual mass of the vehicle” you will find the unladen weight.
Rule of thumb: The higher the weight, the higher the CO2 emissions may be.


On the COC you will also find the exact WLTP CO2 emissions. The CO2 values are shown in urban, suburban and combined. For the calculation we need the combined value. Determine the WLTP value here.

What to do after the calculation?

Once you have calculated the CO2 levy and want to benefit from your discount, simply register the car.
You will need form 13.20 A and the COC. You will then automatically receive the CO2 assignment form as an e-mail.

Print out the assignment form and send all documents to ASTRA.

We will be happy to support you with any questions or concerns you may have.

*incl. VAT
Fahrzeug jetzt erfassen und CO2 Abtretungs-Formular in Sekunden erhalten

The prices shown do not include VAT.

Register the vehicle and receive the CO2 transfer form in a few seconds.
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